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Trust Organisation and Structure

Trust Organisation and Structure

The Trust is structured and resourced to meet the needs of 21st century learners and aims to reinforce the values, skills and attributes which promote good citizenship and lifelong learning for all students. The ethos of school to school support promotes the professional development of all peers, colleagues and members of the Trust, building on collective strengths to challenge everyone to achieve the best possible outcomes for learners and all members of the Trust.

This is an exciting and challenging time for the Trust; the new Chief Executive will welcome the challenges and turn them into opportunities for continued success, ensuring the delivery of increasingly positive outcomes for all children and young people.  The Trustees are now seeking a leader who embodies their core values and aspirations – a leader who can drive and deliver improvement at all levels in the system.

There are three Members of the Trust and fourteen Trustees. Members are shown below:


Karen is a Member and Vice Chair of the Board of Directors. Karen works supporting information and technical solutions for schools and the Local Authority and has been involved with technology in the education sector for 30 years.


Bob is the Chair of Trustees and Directors. He has been a Governor/Academy Councillor for around 30 years in various Birmingham Schools including Acocks Green Primary, Ninestiles, The Oaklands and Cockshut Hill.


During Dexter’s 23 years at Ninestiles he was Headteacher, Executive Head of the Ninestiles Federation and Chief Executive of Ninestiles Plus. His career included working with the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit, being a Board Member of the Specialist Schools Trust and the YPLA, a Commissioner for the Commission for Racial Equality and a keynote speaker on Leadership and School Improvement at national and international conferences. In 2004 he was knighted for services to education.

There are fourteen Trustees, including the three Members. The board is made up of a wide range of highly experienced individuals with backgrounds in education, business, and finance who bring challenge and support to the organisation. The board meet regularly with principals and the executive from the Trust.

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